10" Frozen Cassava Pizza - Thin Crust

We’ve been making pizzas informally around the shop since it opened. It was the perfect way to use the leftover cassava dough we never wanted to waste. Customers caught sight of our creations on social media and made it clear they wanted in on the action, so we’ve developed five delicious flavors to share with you.

When you order one (or two or ten) of our frozen pizzas, expect all the same convenience and cheesy tasty goodness that you’d get from a grocery store variety. But, unlike our competitors, our crust is not an after-thought: cassava dough, with its unique flavor, and it’s crunchy/chewy texture, is a perfect pizza base. If you’re gluten-free, this isn’t a compromise—it’s an upgrade.

 Made with a marinara base, mozzarella, oregano, and 100% pure olive oil. Choose from 5 flavors.



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